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4 марта 2020 г. 1:29


Big screen and cold beer: the best sports bars and pubs in St. Petersburg

We will tell you where to watch football and hockey on the largest screens in the city. The list includes a special selection of places: with the largest plasma screens, overlooking the football stadium or their own brewery.


(Royal Smoke Vosstania st., 24)

This hookah bar gives the opportunity to watch a football match in the atmosphere of a lounge bar with a full-fledged kitchen and a wide selection of drinks. For the convenience of visitors, there are three plasma panels (the largest of which has a diagonal of 42 inches), and all broadcasts are with sound.


(Photo: Restoclub)

(Beer House on Nekrasova Nekrasova, 25)

Beer House on Nekrasova is not very different from the other pubs of this network. The interior is decorated in a typical pub style: green sofas, wooden beams on the ceiling, large tables made of solid wood, books and old things on the shelves. The menu offers more than 20 types of draft beer, snacks. It often hosts sports broadcasts.


(Photo: Ресторан.ру)

(Puberty Vyborgskaya emb., 47)

Broadcasts with sound at Puberty Brewery are demonstrated on 12 plasma panels that are placed around the hall. "Big boss" and the pride of the brewery - a large screen measuring 1.6 by 3 meters. The restaurant brews beer according to traditional Czech recipes. It is interesting that it gets from the fermenting block straight to the bar through a special beer pipeline, which is located under the restaurant floor.


(Photo: provided by the institution)

(Maximilian Hall on Balkanskaya Square Balkanskaya sq., 5)

From Latin, "maxima" translates as "the largest," and the brewery justifies its name: 550 seats, two floors, 11 screens and 2 projectors for broadcasting sports matches! It specializes in Austrian-Bavarian cuisine with classic foreshanks and sausages.


(Photo: Restoclub)

(Finnegan's on Moskovsky Moskovsky pr., 192)

A real Finnegan's Irish pub invites Petersburgers to enjoy their favorite football and hockey matches live on wide-screens with the selection of soft drinks and delicious dishes. Fans of different clubs come here, passionately support them and enjoy the game.


(Photo: Localway)

(Tribuna Grazhdansky pr., 100)

Tribunais the first restaurant in St. Petersburg, located under the spotlights of a football stadium. It offers views of Murinsky Park and the football field, where exciting matches are often held. There are 7 screens with a diagonal of 47 inches, as well as two projectors. This place translates all the matches of Zenit, as well as the most interesting football games that are live during the restaurant's opening hours.


(Photo: Zoon)

(O'Hooligans on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Bolshaya Konyushennaya st., 14)

A Gallic-style pub where you can enjoy Irish or British beer with sausages or steak is located in the very center of St. Petersburg - on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street. Football matches are shown here, and the visitors can also play table football.



(Unity Petrogradka Medikov pr., 5/17)

Unity Petrogradka is located on Medikov prospect. Inside are tables with sofas and 8 plasma panels. Thanks to a large number of screens, you can watch broadcasts of matches from almost any spot in the restaurant.


(Photo: provided by the institution)

(Holy Molly Slavy pr.,40/1)

Located at the intersection of several metro stations, the Holy Molly football pub welcomes all who want to spend time in comfort. You can enjoy watching matches of completely different levels. No provider of cable or satellite television broadcasted the English Premier League, and in Holy Molly all matches were broadcasted live.


(Photo: Yandex)

(Bretzel Chaykovskogo st., 4)

Since its opening, Bretzel has positioned itself as a restaurant of male cuisine, brutal and bold. But later the bar's policy changed and now women can also feel comfortable here. People come to watch football (European leagues, Premier League, national team matches are especially popular here), hockey and even biathlon.


(Photo: Ресторан.ру)

Look for the schedule of matches on Peterburg2 at the links: "Hockey" and "Football".

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