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4 марта 2020 г. 3:41


Dog-friendly: cafes and restaurants in St. Petersburg, where dogs are allowed

We will tell where in the city your pets are welcome, if there is size control and mandatory visiting conditions, and where your little friend will get some treats and a bowl of water.

Читать нас в Яндекс.Новостях

(Bureau on Vasilyevsky Island Sredny Prospekt on Vasilyevsky Island, 53)

You can enjoy a burger in the company of your favorite dog in all the places of the Bureau burger-bar chain. Burgers here are made with different buns: classic, cheese, tomato, rye, brioche, in leaves.

Requirement: the height of an animal is not more than 40 cm.


(Photo: instagram.com/bureauburgers)

(Pinch Belinskogo st., 5)

Wine bar PINCH! on Belinskogo, where you can also bring the dog, is focused on Spanish cuisine. Here you can enjoy wine, cocktails or sangria, with different tapas to accompany the drinks.

Requirement: the height of an animal is not more than 40 cm.


(Photo: instagram.com/pinch_bar)

(Californication Zhukovskogo st., 15)

Californication is a place from the creators of the burger Bureau and the Pinch! Bar. So, it is not surprising that visitors with dogs are also welcome here. The cafe specializes in California versions of poke and bowls. The interior is decorated in pastel colors, Scandinavian-style designer furniture is comfortable and stylish.

Requirement: the height of an animal is not more than 40 cm.


(Photo: instagram.com/californication_cafe)

(Pitas on Nevsky Nevsky pr., 65)

The menu of Pitas street food chain offers a variety of food combinations wrapped in tortilla. It comes in a variety of shawarmas with traditional and original fillings (with salmon and Philadelphia, stewed beef and lecho, with lingonberries and mint), as well as burritos and falafel.

In the Pitas chain you are allowed to visit with your dog, but only a small one.


(Photo: instagram.com/pitasstreetfood)

(Kroo Cafe Suvorovsky pr., 27)

A French restaurant and pastry shop on Suvorovsky Prospect welcomes all dog lovers without exception. Your pet will be even given a treat and water here. There is also a treat for dog owners - in the local pastry shop you can find lavender eclairs, Napoleon cake, sweets and cookies.


(Photo: kroocafe.com)

(Barslona on Rubinstein Rubinstein st., 26)

Spanish food chains are also worth visiting with your pet. You can order paella or tapas with jamon and sparkling sangria in this gastrobar. The staff notes that they love dogs and are always happy for the guests who come with their pets.

There is only one condition - the animal and its owner are well-mannered and do not spoil other peoples' rest.


(Photo: vk.com/barslonaforever)

(Geographia Rubinstein st., 5)

Geografia Bar and Restaurant offers dishes from all over the world: tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, Singapore style noodles with chicken, and borsch with prunes and plate beef. The cocktail menu includes more than 40 drinks, there is even homemade alcohol.

No dogs are allowed here, but if the animal can fit in a bag and stays there, the staff will not be against it.


(Photo: instagram.com/geo.rest)

(Yoda Noodle Bar Bolshoy Prospekt P.S., 47)

The Yoda Noodle Bar has classic favorite Asian dishes on the menu: Pad Thai noodles, samosas with chicken curry, egg noodles with pork and ginger, beef tartare with aloe. Noodle shop is named after the French bulldog Yoda, so all guests with dogs are always welcome here.


(Photo: yoda.place)

(Jack&Chan Inzhenernaya st., 7)

Another place where the dogs are allowed is Jack&Chan. Visitors will be greeted by Asian dishes in the European style. The chef cooks gourmet Pan-Asian dishes in modern interiors.


(Photo: jack-and-chan.restexpert.com)

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