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4 марта 2020 г. 1:22


How to get to Gatchina from St. Petersburg

This suburb of St. Petersburg was held hostage by the Swedes. The great Peter I was able to triumph in the Great Northern War and annex this picturesque place to the Russian land. There is a huge palace and park complex in Gatchina that was used by Paul I. He was waiting for many years here for his turn to ascend the throne after his mother, Catherine II.




Gatchina is especially attractive in spring and summer - at this period the city is the most colorful. You can get around the city in one day - it is very small, but surprisingly beautiful.


The most convenient way to get from St. Petersburg to Gatchina is by car, of course. The distance is about 45 kilometers, in just an hour you can already walk in the park. The main roads are Krasnoselskoye and Kievskoye shosse; there is a section of WHSD (toll road) on the way.

Rail transport

For railway lovers, electric trains run along two lines: the Baltiyskaya and Luzhskaya. The cost is a little more than 100 rubles. You will enjoy the views from the window for about 1 hour. It is important to carefully look at the routes - to which destination the train goes. To be sure that you arrive at the right place. If you want to see the palace, then get to the Gatchina-Varshavskaya station.

The traffic interval is about 45 minutes, but there can be interruptions for 2 hours. We recommend to plan in advance how and when it will be more convenient for you to go.



Bus / minibus

We advise you to get to the Moskovskaya metro station, go to Moskovskaya Square, wait for regular buses (and minibuses) №100, №18 or №18A. The fare is 80 rubles, traffic interval - 15-20 minutes. It is rather comfortable ride, there are not many stops. With ideal road conditions, you will get to Gatchina in 50 minutes.

You can check the transport schedule and buy tickets on the Russian Railways official website, on the public urban transport site, or on Yandex.Schedule. Have a nice trip!

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