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4 марта 2020 г. 2:39


Jazz, rock and roll and dancing: bars and cafes with live music in St. Petersburg

It is nice to listen to live music with a glass of wine at the end of the day, in a good company or alone. We will tell in you, where in St. Petersburg the intimate concerts are held, and foot tapping jazz and rock and roll evenings arranged.

(The Hat Belinskogo st., 9)

Co-owner of Terminal Sid Fisher and frontman of Billy's Band Billy Novick, wanted to recreate New York atmosphere of the 50s of the last century in this bar. Jazz is played here every day. Jazzmen gather after their work to chat and play their heart out. There are no tables, so visitors gather around the counter and bar space, talk and wait for performances. There isa little space, but those who want to spend the evening in a pleasant music company can even wait at the entrance. And then the jam goes on all night long.


(Hard Rock Cafe Sadovaya st., 62)

Hard Rock Cafe is located on Sadovaya Street and is part of the well-known global network, recognizable by its logo anywhere in the world. Here you can watch the performances of up-and-coming rock bands, and sometimes even the famous stars of the world and Russian scenes. But the main feature of Hard Rock Cafe is not only that it hosts rock music concerts, but also because it is a real museum of musical relics.


(Jazzberry Sinopskaya emb., 52)

Jazzberry is an atmospheric restaurant on Sinopskaya Embankment, 52 with live music and European cuisine. Jazz concerts are held here every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The concept of this restaurant is a jazz club "for friends" - a place where you can not only talk while listening to the sounds of the piano or saxophone in the background, but even dance.


(Palermo Fontanka emb., 50)

In the evenings, you can listen to live music at Palermo (pop vocals from 20:00, and popular dance music afterwards). In the afternoon, you can hear the chirping of parrots, who you can feed the seeds.


(Liverpool Mayakovskogo st., 16)

The well-known pub in St. Petersburg is dedicated to the legendary Liverpool band The Beatles. Liverpool opened back in 1997, and since then Zemfira, Rammstein, Bi-2 and Chaif visited this place (and it is not a complete list). Every evening from 20:00 live music sounds here: rock and roll, rockabilly and covers of The Beatles hits. Half-light, wooden tables and chairs, brick walls and low arches of the ceiling, and the spirit of The Beatles - in photographs, on the records covers, in the air.


(Kashmir Bolshaya Moskovskaya st., 7)

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of India in the cafe Kashmir. The guests can not only taste some classics of Indian cuisine, but also get acquainted with oriental traditions: dancing, singing and live music performances of traditional Indian instruments like hang or sitar.


(Chateau Vintage Nevsky pr., 47)

Chateau Vintage regularly hosts live music events. From Tuesday to Thursday on warm days, from 15:30 to 17:30 and from 19:30 to 22:30 on the summer terrace; Saturdays and Sundays from 20:00 in the hall inside and on the summer terrace; Sunday from 20:00 on the summer terrace. In autumn and winter, music is played only in the hall.


(Chyort Poberi Lomonosova st., 2)

The Chyort Poberi retro bar often hosts live music events: twist, swing, rock and roll, rockabilly, ska and even urban romance. The old movies and dancing till you drop waits here. On weekends the authentic discos of 80s-90s are held. What else is needed for nostalgia and immersion in the USSR era?


(1703 Ligovsky pr., 50/3)

Bar 1703 became famous for arranging rap battles Versus, which got a huge number of views on the Internet. Now the "open microphones" are held here for beginners, DJs play all night long, and girls receive free champagne.


(Morze Kozhevennaya line, 40: weekdays, weekends 800)

In June 2019, a new Morze concert festival club with two halls and a restaurant opened on the territory of Sevkabel Port, located in close proximity to the sea. It hosts regular live concerts for 200-300 people. A bar-restaurant with 100 seats and large panoramic windows with views of the bay is available on the second floor. Morze selection of artists is decent - from Morcheeba and Foals to Pyotr Mamonov and U.N.K.L.E.


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