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4 марта 2020 г. 3:26


Stucco molding and labyrinths of delicate stairs: 7 unusual main entrances to an apartment building in St. Petersburg

Petersburg hides hundreds of beautiful courtyards and magnificent interiors of the main entrances to a building, many of which have survived since pre-revolutionary times. We have gathered the most unusual main entrances and share them with you in our article.

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Pushkinskaya st.,20

To this day you can see the coat of arms of Baroness Taube (the former owner of this building) outside the house. Later the Nemilovy merchants owned this place, and made furnished rooms here. Working bachelors and "zimogory", constantly living in the suburbs, but who were coming to St. Petersburg on business for several days found accommodation in the house. Anton Chekhov, Ivan Bunin, Leonid Andreev and even Vladimir Mayakovsky stayed at the hotel.

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Rubinstein st., 5

In walking distance from Vladimirskaya metro station you can find this main entrance, which can't be called an ordinary one because of its stunning beauty. The main entrance has wide staircases with stucco on the walls and an elevator.

Lomonosova st., 14

There are flowers on the window of the Eliseyev house, the walls are peach in color, there is neat stucco molding on the whitewashed ceiling, and a stunning elevator with cast-iron forging! Nowadays the hotel is located here, so anyone can find accommodation for a few days in the house with such decoration.

Rubinstein st., 26

The interiors of the houses of the architect A.S. Khrenov are connected due to the usage of rich decoration in the Art Nouveau style — he especially liked to use floral ornaments. The design of this main entrance is very similar to the famous main entrance on Sovetskaya Street, 2.The only difference is that here there is a pattern of lilies on the walls and slightly different colors. Khrenov built more than 30 houses in St. Petersburg.

Bataysky lane, 12

The huge and beautiful tenement house of the Nilaevy brothers has dozens of mascarons, a stucco molding on the walls and ceiling, a fireplace, huge windows and openwork tiles on the floor in its main entrance. The facade of the building itself is decorated with the heads of lions.

Kirochnaya st., 24

This tenement house of Bak is known today for the fact that its residents created a logo, souvenirs and an active VKontakte public. And the building itself is famous for its hanging well courtyard with a view of the covered footbridge. The house was built in the XIXth century by the order of Y.B. Bak, a communications engineer known as the founder of the major political newspaper Rech, which gave publicity to the ideas of constitutional democrats.

Dekabristov st., 11

The main entrance of this house is always bright due to the peculiar decision to place a large window on the roof. The building of the former tenement house was built in 1863 by the architect A.F. Zaruchevsky. The rooms were redesigned into communal apartments in Soviet times. Now there are mainly duplex apartments in the house, some of which are two-sided and look at the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

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