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3 марта 2020 г. 12:51


Metro in St. Petersburg: metro map, stations, opening hours

It is no secret that the most popular transport in megapolises is the metro. St. Petersburg is no exception to the rule. The subway, which started to function in 1955, can be annoying with a large stream of people, but it saves time (compared to ground transport).

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(Photo: vk.com/metrospbofficial)

In 2020 the cost of one trip is 55 rubles. When you buy one token, you can freely move around the subway and make an unlimited number of transfers. We recommend downloading the application with the metro scheme of St. Petersburg on the phone for your convenience. There are as much as 5 lines in the metro. By the way, the interactive map can calculate the time of your journey between stations.

The metro in St. Petersburg is also a tourist attraction. Many stations attract attention with their aesthetic architectural and artistic design. For example, the wall decor at the Alexander Nevsky Square station resembles a chain-mail; on Pushkinskaya station you can see elegant stucco, floor lamps with crystal bowls, as well as a monument to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin himself; Avtovo amazes with dozens of marble columns and mosaic panels. Take a look at Sportivnaya: now you can cross the Vasilievsky Island from the Petrograd Side using an underwater tunnel!


(Photo: metro.spb.ru)

An active tourist can save on travel by subway if he purchases one useful thing - a contactless electronic St. Petersburg Card. If you come to St. Petersburg for a long time (for a month or more), then it makes sense to buy yourself a Podorozhnik card. This way the trip in the subway will cost 38 rubles. In order not to bother with tokens every time, you can simply put a certain amount on the card and use it as an electronic wallet in any transport (even in minibuses). The more you ride, the cheaper the cost of one trip.

It is allowed to take pictures in the subway but without a flash. It is recommended not to eat or drink something, especially in front of the metro guards. At rush hours (from 7:00 to 10:00 and from 17:00 to 18:00) it is better not to use the subway.
The metro works at night when one of the following holidays is celebrated in St. Petersburg: New Year (from December 31 to January 1), Christmas (from January 6 to 7), Easter, Labor Day (from May 1 to 2), Victory Day (from May 9 to 10), Museum Night, City Day (May 27 to 28), Scarlet Sails graduation day.

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