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Boat trips and river cruises in St. Petersburg

Peter I believed that the beauty and grandeur of the city can only be appreciated from the water. The traditions of traveling along rivers and canals are preserved to this day. During the navigation period (from April to the end of September), dozens of options for water excursions are offered to Petersburg guests. Let's talk about the main routes.

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Venice of the North. Fontanka, Kryukov Canal, Moyka, Winter Canal and Neva are the main waterways. During an hour's journey you can see the famous palaces (Sheremetev, Shuvalov, Anichkov, etc.), the main squares, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage, the Summer Garden. This excursion will be useful to those who come to the city for the first time.

Historical Petersburg with the entrance to the Gulf of Finland. You can follow the same route as the ships of Peter I. Previously, ships from the sea went to the port - to the Strelka of Vasilyevsky Island. In two hours, your ship will go around this island and get to the legendary cruiser Aurora.



Secular Petersburg of the Faberge era. This tour will teleport you to the era of the late XIX-early XX centuries. Fontanka, the old Kolomna district, Mariinsky Theatre, New Holland, Moyka, Engineers' Castle - the life of the jeweler Karl Faberge will appear before your eyes.

Forgotten Islands. The trip is an overview of the northern islands - Krestovsky, Elagin, Kamenny; entrance to the Gulf of Finland. Nature lovers will enjoy it.

Children's motor ships. There is a special program - a play tour for kids, an adventure on a ship. The emphasis is on the entertainment for children. Recommended for families.

The forts of Kronstadt. You will see the warships of the Baltic Fleet and 4 main forts, hear stories about the floods. Usually there is a landing - inspection of the fort Constantine.


(Photo: Wikipedia)

Excursion to Peterhof on a meteor boat. Includes not only a trip along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, but also a highlight walking tour of the park. This trip costs several times more than a regular water trip to the suburbs.

Excursion to Oreshek Fortress on a meteor boat. You can look at the ancient fortress and visit it, find out a lot of historical facts. In addition, the route includes: Alexander Nevsky Lavra, Smolny Cathedral, Lake Ladoga, etc.

Musical cruise, night of movable bridges, dinner on the water. These types of trips are perfect to have a great time in good company. This is an opportunity to relax, forget about everyday routine and troubles.

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