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3 марта 2020 г. 14:36


Car camping in St. Petersburg: vacation in amotorhome

A real car camping is a family vacation in a motorhome. This kind of entertainment is very popular in America and Europe. In Russia, car camping is only taking its first steps, so it is considered an expensive activity. However, there are more and more people who want to travel in a motorhome.




If you don't have a personal camper van, then in St. Petersburg there are companies that provide motorhomes for rent. Rental prices start at 4,000 rubles per day. You can really live in car campers - shower, toilet, kitchenette.

At the country hotel Olgino on the shores of the Gulf of Finland there is a parking lot for motorhomes. Shops, restaurants, swimming pools, sports and playgrounds, places for recreation - all this is in the traffic park. You can improve your health in the holiday center Svetlana, which is located here. The cost of parking a motorhome is about 600 rubles per person; holds up to 60 campers.



CampTom-Shuvalovka is located in the Petrodvortsovy District, next to the central park. People come here on camper vans, cars, motorbikes, bicycles. The highlight of this campsite: buildings in the Russian style; reconstruction of a traditional village - pottery workshops, forges, poultry yard, bathhouse, etc. There is also a modern infrastructure: cafes, sports grounds, bicycle paths, play areas for children. The cost of parking a motorhome - from 1,100 rubles per day; holds up to 120 campers.

Of course, you can simply sit and relax in tents or in wooden houses for two. The price will be lower, but you will not be able to appreciate all the advantages of a motorhome. Wait for good weather, gather friends and go get some fresh air! 

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