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4 марта 2020 г. 0:16


How to get to Peterhof from St. Petersburg

The Peterhof Palace and Park Complex is one of the favorite creations of Peter I. The splendor of centenary trees, the power of water, the brightness of flower beds. More than 150 fountains, which operate from mid-May to September, are ready to amuse the guests of the park. Here you can look at the Gulf of Finland the same way as the great tsar-reformer did.



Squirrels live on the territory of this state museum-reserve. Take some treats with you, the animals are not afraid to approach people and take nuts from their hands.


There are several ways to get to Peterhof by car. Drive on to Prospekt Stachek, then continue on the Petergofskoye Shosse, do not turn anywhere. Another option is to use the Ring Motorway.

Rail transport

Electric trains depart from the Baltiysky Station; it will take 40 minutes to arrive in the suburb. Be aware! You need to go out at the New Peterhof railway station. The fare is 62 rubles; traffic interval - 20-40 minutes. Lastochka train also runs on this route. The ticket costs 72 rubles. To get to the museum-reserve, you have to walk or take the bus (№350, №351 or №356).



Bus / minibus

Go to the Avtovo metro station - here you can catch minibuses (№300, №224K, №424) that will take you to Peterhof. If you forgot the number, look for the inscription which says "Fountains." The ticket costs about 100 rubles.

There are other ways. Minibus №343 goes from Prospekt Veteranov metro station, and №420 goes from Leninsky Prospekt. However, we recommend choosing Avtovo – it will shorten the wait for transport.

You can check the transport schedule and buy tickets on the Russian Railways official website, on the public urban transport site, or on Yandex.Schedule. Have a nice trip!

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