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3 марта 2020 г. 12:26


Podorozhnik Card in St. Petersburg: fares and cost. Useful information

In the St. Petersburg metro, you can buy a token for 55 rubles and use the subway. In buses, trolleybuses, trams you can purchase a one-time ticket for 50 rubles. However, we are confident that it is much more profitable to use travel cards than to buy a token or a ticket every time.




What is Podorozhnik? It is a single travel card that looks like a plastic card. You can buy it at any box office, the price is 60 rubles.

How to refill the balance? There are several ways: through the cashier, through the Internet, through the application and through the machine selling tokens and tickets. We recommend using Podorozhnik as an electronic wallet - put as much money as you like and go for a ride. The more you use the transport, the cheaper is the cost of one trip. You can use this card everywhere, even in minibuses, if the driver has a special device - a validator.

If you plan to travel around the city for a whole month only by bus / trolleybus / tram, then there is a monthly ticket for a specific type of transport - a fixed fee is paid to Podorozhnik; the number of trips is not limited.

There are also combined options for the month - tram and bus; tram and trolleybus; trolleybus and bus; tram, trolleybus, bus - plenty of combinations.



For those who arrives to St. Petersburg for a short time, in 2017 single (tram, trolleybus, bus, metro) daily tickets were implemented; validity period - from 1 to 7 days.

Also, there is a single daily ticket for 90 minutes - during this time you can make one trip by metro and take a ride on public transport an unlimited number of times. The cost is 70 rubles. Again, the procedure for issuing a ticket is simple - the fare is selected, the balance of Podorozhnik is refilled by a certain amount.

Another thing worth mentioning is the special fare for subway fans. There are reusable tickets for a fixed number of trips that are valid for a stated period of time. For example, a ticket for 20 trips in the subway for 15 days. For pupils, students, persons with disabilities, special conditions apply. You can get acquainted with all fares and travel features on the official website.

In 2020 the price for one trip in the metro with the use of Podorozhnik is 38 rubles, and in ground transport is 33 rubles.

In our opinion, it is more convenient for tourists to buy St. Petersburg Card. It makes it possible not only to travel by any type of public transport, but also to enjoy discounts at museums, restaurants, hotels; attend excursions at discounted prices.

Save your money!

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