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3 марта 2020 г. 16:04


The best time to visit St. Petersburg

Petersburg is like a dandy who likes to change his clothes several times a day. Quite often, he wakes up in a bad mood and puts on the gloomiest costume. By the middle of the day the mood can improved rastically, and very bright colors are added to dark ones. What never changes about Petersburg is a sense of unerring taste.




It is believed that the best time to visit is summer. Petersburg is especially good in mid-June and early July. The famous White Nights are happening. This is a special time in the city life. In the words of Alexander Sergeyevich: "... And not letting the darkness of the night / To the golden skies / Change one dawn / In a hurry, giving the night half an hour ...".

Be aware that during the White Nights a large number of tourists come to St. Petersburg, and hotel prices skyrocket. If you still decide to get acquainted with the beautiful city in the summer, then buy plane or train tickets in advance and book a hotel room two months before the trip.

Be sure to enjoy the city architecture from the water - pleasure boats and motor ships run along rivers and canals. You can listen to interesting sightseeing tours or spend a romantic evening on a boat. Also, there are countless parks and bridges that are waiting for you to explore.



Plan your vacation for May and stay until the end of July if possible. The city residents full-on celebrate the Victory Day (May 9) - parades begin early in the morning, and in the evening, there is an entertainment program with fireworks. In just a few weeks, Petersburg will be happy to celebrate its birthday (May 27) with you. Concerts, street performances, water festivals - you will see all this with your own eyes. At the end of June, the Scarlet Sails holiday is held - the day of school graduates, and on the last Sunday of July - the Navy Day.

In the fall, in late September and early October, is the perfect time to go to the suburbs of St. Petersburg: Tsarskoye Selo, Gatchina, Pavlovsk, etc. Colorful foliage, squirrels, delicate benches and not too many tourists. Also, the theater season starts in autumn. Check the playbill and go to the premiere.

Plan to spend New Year's holidays in the Northern Capital? Come to the Palace Square to look at the main Christmas tree, and then go for a walk along the elegant streets, skate, drink hot mulled wine at Christmas markets. Present your children a Christmas fairy tale. Just a warning: it may happen that there will be no snow at all or there will be rain. Watching the weather forecast is useless. True Petersburgers love the city in any weather and always carry an umbrella with them.

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