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3 марта 2020 г. 11:53


Trams in St. Petersburg: routes, timetables, trams on a map of St. Petersburg

Do you know what a konka is? It is the tram that the real horses dragged along. By the way, a monument to the famous horse can now be seen at the Vasileostrovskaya station.




In 1863, the popularity of this new type of public transport started to rise. Horses with their heavy load ran towards each other. An inattentive pedestrian or a passenger could easily fell under the konka, so the headlines often appeared like those of Ilf and Petrov: "Today, citizen N fell under a horse. The victim got off with a slight fright."

Steam trains came to replace the konka, but it was a dubious pleasure to ride them –it was hard to breathe because of a soot. Only in 1907 electric tram traffic opened.

Nowadays, as many as 42 routes carry passengers across the city. Unfortunately, trams often break and slow down the whole traffic. In other words, if one tram stops, then a string of others lines up behind it. However, this type of transport is quite popular - because of the allocated sections, it is not always necessary to stand in traffic jams with the cars.

The fare on the tram is 50 rubles, fixed price. You can pay in different ways: buy a ticket from a conductor or use a card: Podorozhnik, St. Petersburg Card, etc. The metro official website contains information about types of tickets and fares.
It is easy to track the desired tram in real time, thanks to a modern navigation system. A convenient Internet resource for urban public transport has been created, where you can find a schedule and an online route map.



Trams can also keep your nerves under certain circumstances. For example, there is a route №55. A tram takes passengers from Parnas and drives it right up to the Komendantsky Prospekt station. If you look at the metro map, then it is a very long route, which is much easier to get through on the tram.

The St. Petersburg Museum of Electric Transport is located on Vasilyevsky Island. Visit it to get a look at the tram from the movie "Heart of a Dog" by V. Bortko.

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