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3 марта 2020 г. 12:58


Buses in St. Petersburg: routes, timetables, bus stops

In 1907 the first bus started to run in St. Petersburg, and several decades later, during the perilous time of World War II, the bus column ran through the lifeline across the Ladoga.

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(Photo: avtobus.spb.ru)

Nowadays, hundreds of routes run commercial and social buses that transport residents and visitors of St. Petersburg to the city districts. Due to the fact that the bus fleet is constantly growing, there is plenty of space and passengers can comfortably accommodate in the passenger compartment.

You can track the bus you need on the Internet on a traffic map online. The fare in the city is 50 rubles. Numbers of routes - from the 1st to the 399th. As for buses that travel outside the city and go to the Leningrad Oblast, the numbers of such routes are in the range from the 400th to the 699th. The ticket price depends on the distance of the trip. Traveling is cheaper when using the Podorozhnik card. For example, a trip around St. Petersburg by bus using a card will cost just 33 rubles.

Not all buses in St. Petersburg have a conductor. A common practice is to pay money to the driver before going to the right stop. Remember that if there is no conductor in the cabin, only the front door opens to the exit. Go there in advance to get out.


(Photo: avtobus.spb.ru)

In 2012 night buses appeared. You can ride them on weekends during the navigation period (from April 30 to November 15) and during the following holidays: New Year (from December 31 to January 1), Christmas (from January 6 to January 7), Easter, Labor Day (from 1 on May 2), Victory Day (from May 9 to 10), Museum Night, City Day (from May 27 to 28), Scarlet Sails graduation day. All the necessary information about night routes can be found on the city administration official website.

Be aware that in St. Petersburg you need to remember about the schedule for drawbridges. If go on a night stroll through Nevsky Prospect, and live in Petrogradka, the bus will be of no use for you. We recommend to download the application with a schedule for drawbridges to your phone.

About useful applications: there are 5 interesting bus routes in St. Petersburg (№ 3, 6, 7, 22, 46) where you can listen to an individual audio tour during the trip. What is needed for this? A smartphone, headphones and a free application that is easy to install using a QR code (located in the bus). The history of houses, sights of the city, fleet - you will hear a fascinating story. Spend your time to good use!

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