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3 марта 2020 г. 14:49


Car rental in St. Petersburg: information on how to book a car in St. Petersburg

If you come to St. Petersburg on business and need to visit numerous destinations around the city, then it is much more profitable to rent a car than to use a taxi. In the suburbs it is also more convenient to drive a car than to use electric trains. Also, a rented car can be a good replacement if your personal "iron horse" is in the service center.




What is required to get a car? Driving license (in case of rental without a driver) and passport. Usually, in addition to the rental cost, a deposit is made, which is returned later. The deposit for the car is withheld only if the client is responsible for the accident.

As a rule, large rental companies offer their customers a choice of automobile brands of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Of course, the cost of renting depends on the class of car.

Be sure to check if the anti-theft system is installed, if there is a fire extinguisher and first aid kit, how the brakes work. Inspect the vehicle; note and write down any defects or malfunctions that you notice.

It is extremely important to clarify the conditions of insurance, and most importantly - find out what responsibility you will personally bear if something suddenly happens to the car (accident, theft, etc.). Before signing the contract, inspect all the clauses so that you don't have to pay extra money for your lack of attention. Try to return the car on time in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.



We advise you to write down the phone number of the dispatch service. It is best if it works round the clock. A timely reaction is needed if any problems happen.

You can book a car in advance on the rental companies' websites. This will allow you to save money in early May you rent a car for July, for example. In spring prices are much lower than in the high summer season.

How does the rental cost? The more days you use the car, the cheaper the day of driving. Prices start from about 900-1000 rubles per day for the economy class. Auto Premium, Avtoliga, KTS+ companies can rent Daewoo Nexia, Daewoo Matiz or Skoda Fabia for a cheap price.

In St. Petersburg there is also a pay-per-minute carshare service. In order to use it, it is necessary to make a contract in advance with a company providing such services. Then download the application, find out the location of the cars and use the nearest one. You can park that car even in your own yard. The following carsharing services operate in St. Petersburg: Delimobil, Yandex.Drive, Youdrive, Carsmile, etc.

Be careful on the road!

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