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2 марта 2020 г. 16:27


Health tourism in St. Petersburg

Being healthy is a modern trend. People want to look great and feel energetic every day. We will tell about the resorts of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, where you can take on a course of wellness procedures.


In the Northern capital, the weather is not very kind, so it is unlikely to be able to get a tan or enjoy sunbathing. However, there are many health resorts and boarding houses that are ready to provide a whole range of wellness and anti-stress treatments.


(Photo provided by the institution)

It is a large suburban complex on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Guest rooms are available for every taste and budget - from the "standard" to the "luxury". There is a restaurant serving dishes made from natural and fresh products. In this boarding house there is a fitness center with the pool; sports equipment is available for different outdoor activities. Baltiets is perfect for those who are tired of the noise of St. Petersburg and want to take a break.

(Dunes Primorskoye shosse, 38th km)


(Photo provided by the institution)

Doctors in this health resort offer a comprehensive wellness treatment; special attention is paid to people with problems in the musculoskeletal system. In addition to medical services, all conditions for outdoor activities are organized here. You can ride a horse, play golf or tennis, rent sports equipment (roller skates, bicycles, skis, scooters, etc.). There is a library for book lovers. Of course, there are saunas and baths, a SPA salon.

(Northern Riviera Zelenogorsk, Primorskoe shosse, 570 weekdays, weekends 2100)


(Photo provided by the institution)

Wellness treatment is based on natural factors (clean air, mineral waters, salt baths), fitness, and proper nutrition. Also, here you can take a personal course that relieves psycho-emotional stress. Cryotherapy is very popular - extremely low temperatures have a beneficial effect on the body. The Northern Riviera is located in the bay of the Gulf of Finland.

(Sestroretsk Resort Sestroretsk, Gorky st., 2)


(Photo provided by the institution)

The resort actively uses therapeutic mud, which deposit is located directly at the resort. The main specialization is the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. Also, a special program has been developed to accompany pregnant women. There are conditions for outdoor activities - you can come for the weekend with the whole family and have fun.

(Baltic Coast Zelenogorsk, Kurortnaya st., 1)


(Photo provided by the institution)

Here the treatment is carried out in 7 medical profiles, and specialists also perform professional massage, provide cosmetic procedures, offer programs for figure correction and body rejuvenation. Doctors attend to women and gynecological problems with special care. If you come with a big company, it is possible to rent a spacious two-room suite.

Have a pleasant rest!

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