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2 марта 2020 г. 19:22


St. Petersburg shopping tour

What is the ideal vacation in St. Petersburg? It includes a rich cultural program, leisurely walks along the embankments and in the parks and the buying of a couple of nice things in clothing stores. We will tell you about the best places for shopping.



(Gallery Ligovsky pr., 30a)

In just a few years, this shopping and entertainment center has won the love of residents and visitors of St. Petersburg. There are about 300 shops in which anyone can pick up something affordable. Brands like Karen Millen, Lacoste, Marks & Spencer, Carlo Pazolini coexist with the more affordable H&M, Tezenis, Pull & Bear, TopShop. On the upper floors you can eat, watch a movie or spend time in the amusement park. From time to time "sale nights" are held here (usually at the end of November) with discounts of up to 70% - you need to track the announcements. Also, information is constantly updated on the official website in the Promotions section.

(MEGA Dybenko Murmanskoye shosse, 12th km)

Families come here on a day off to buy everything at once. There are more than 170 stores: household appliances, clothing-footwear, underwear, sporting goods, books; health and beauty products, etc. Also, IKEA is located here - a paradise for those who like to equip a house. Entertainment services - cinema, ice rink, rides and much more. In the fall, in the last days of November, the Black Friday event takes place - you can purchase the goods at a significant discount. There is also a special bonus card that allows regular customers to save money. Promotions are held from time to time - check the official website for more info.



(Piterland Primorsky pr., 72)

On four floors there are shops in different price ranges - Calvin Klein, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and Incity, Tvoye, Reserved. It's easy to find a trending thing here. Entertainment events are held every weekend - concerts, photo shoots, fashion shows. There is a large indoor water park with a transparent roof on the territory– visitors can bathe in the sun like on a real beach. As for the specials, prize drawings are held quite often. About once a week - special offers appear.

(Fligel Store Vosstaniya st., 24)

If you want to buy clothes from foreign and Russian designers at affordable prices, then you will like this small showroom. Things in casual style - the main principle is the simplicity of lines and shapes. It is convenient to walk in such clothes; you will look stylish at any time or occasion.

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