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2 марта 2020 г. 21:10


Trolleybuses in St. Petersburg: routes, timetables, trolleybuses on the map of St. Petersburg

In 1936, the first trolleybus appeared in Leningrad, which became a good addition to public transport. Trackless trams have earned the love and recognition of Petersburgers. Soft seats, curtains on the windows, heating system - all this was present in trolleybuses.




Of course, the price of the ticket was relatively high due to increased comfort in the cabin. However, there were plenty of people who wanted to have a ride. In those years, girls boasted to their friends: "Today my darling rode me on a trolleybus." There was a certain amount of chic in such date.

Nowadays, trolleybuses run along 50 routes. The fare is 50 rubles. There are several ways to pay. The first option: the old-fashioned way to buy a paper ticket from the conductor. The second option: use an electronic card (for example, St. Petersburg Card or Podorozhnik) on the validator. Using Podorozhnik will cost much cheaper - from 33 rubles or less, depending on the number of trips per month. The third option: in some trolleybuses, you can pay for travel with a credit card.

On the city transport official website, it's easy to pick up the trolleybus you need and track its location - now you don't have to stand at the bus stop waiting for hours.



In August 2016, a pilot project was launched. On some trolleybus routes started to operate a free Wi-Fi network. After authorization, you can use the Internet for free.

If you visit our city, drop by the St. Petersburg Museum of Electric Transport on Vasilyevsky Island; no booking required. There are trams and trolleybuses that once ran the streets of the city. Also, you can take a look at the legendary MTB-82 trolleybus from B. Okudzhava's song.

If you want to arrange a romantic date or celebrate a holiday, you can rent a retro or modern trolleybus / tram. You just need to send a request with the proposed route to the director of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Gorelectrotrans".

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