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2 марта 2020 г. 21:10

Trolleybuses in St. Petersburg: routes, timetables, trolleybuses on the map of St. Petersburg

In 1936, the first trolleybus appeared in Leningrad, which became a good addition to public transport. Trackless trams have earned the love and recognition of Petersburgers. Soft seats, curtains on the windows, heating system - all this was present in trolleybuses.

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(Photo: skydrinker.livejournal.com)

Of course, the price of the ticket was relatively high due to increased comfort in the cabin. However, there were plenty of people who wanted to have a ride. In those years, girls boasted to their friends: "Today my darling rode me on a trolleybus." There was a certain amount of chic in such date.

Nowadays, trolleybuses run along 50 routes. The fare is 50 rubles. There are several ways to pay. The first option: the old-fashioned way to buy a paper ticket from the conductor. The second option: use an electronic card (for example, St. Petersburg Card or Podorozhnik) on the validator. Using Podorozhnik will cost much cheaper - from 33 rubles or less, depending on the number of trips per month. The third option: in some trolleybuses, you can pay for travel with a credit card.

On the city transport official website, it's easy to pick up the trolleybus you need and track its location - now you don't have to stand at the bus stop waiting for hours.


(Photo: pixabay.com)

In August 2016, a pilot project was launched. On some trolleybus routes started to operate a free Wi-Fi network. After authorization, you can use the Internet for free.

If you visit our city, drop by the St. Petersburg Museum of Electric Transport on Vasilyevsky Island; no booking required. There are trams and trolleybuses that once ran the streets of the city. Also, you can take a look at the legendary MTB-82 trolleybus from B. Okudzhava's song.

If you want to arrange a romantic date or celebrate a holiday, you can rent a retro or modern trolleybus / tram. You just need to send a request with the proposed route to the director of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Gorelectrotrans".

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