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2 марта 2020 г. 15:37


St. Petersburg religious sites

St. Petersburg had to go through the times of the Russian Empire with God givenking-father, as well as the period of irreligion in the years of the Revolution. Despite numerous historical twists and turns, more than 300 incredibly different religious buildings have survived in the Northern capital.


In St. Petersburg you can see Orthodox churches, two mosques with fabulous oriental ornaments, Catholic churches, Buddhist temples, the Jewish center (synagogue), Protestant cathedrals. There is a place for every religion. We will tell you about the most important holy sites that people come to see from all over the world.

(Saint Blessed Xenia Chapel Kamskayast., 24)


(Photo: Wikipedia)

This amazing woman loved her husband so much that after his death, she gave all her possessions to the poor, put on her husband's clothes and went off to wander the streets. Xenia gained the gift of prophecy, denied material wealth, and prayed to the Lord every single day. Most often women come to the chapel to ask for happiness in family life. Girls ask Xenia for a successful marriage and healthy children.

(The Trinity Cathedral Izmailovsky pr., 7a)


(Photo: Wikipedia)

Blue domes with silver stars rest on thin snow-white columns. Here you can see the oldest currently existing icon in Orthodox churches – the Beginning of Life Trinity icon, it is more than 600 years old. There is also a part of the relics of the blessed old woman Matronain the cathedral. She is ready to listen to all people and help everyone who is willing to ask.

(Kazan Cathedral Kazan sq., 2)


(Photo: Wikipedia)

One of the most famous cathedrals of St. Petersburg is named after Our Lady of Kazan. Before the Battle of Poltava, Peter I himself and his army asked this icon for blessings.And in 1812, Russian soldiers together with Kutuzov prayed to the sacred face in order to repel the French attack. The cathedral became a monument of military glory, and the icon itself can be seen right on the street, on the wall of Kazan Cathedral.

(Church of the Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian Obvodny Canal emb., 17)



Here lies a relic of the Romanov dynasty - the icon of Our Lady of Tsarskoye Selo. Legend says that Peter the Great blessed his daughter with a sacred image and encouraged her to the throne. During World War II, the icon fell into the hands of the Nazis, but was returned from Riga to Leningrad. Thousands of people from different times asked for protection of the Divine Mother to keep away from the plague, cholera, floods, fires. And nowadays people keep asking her for salvation from various disasters.

(Transfiguration Cathedral Preobrazhenskaya sq., 1)


(Photo: Wikipedia)

The icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow" is known for the miracles of healing people from serious illnesses. The first miracle that all of Russia spoke of happened in 1890, when the 14-year-old orphan Kolya Grachev, who suffered from seizures, fully recovered. Since then, everyone who has long and in vain fought the disease come to see this icon. 

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